Voices in the Family 8/5/13: Bad neighbors

Some of us are fortunate to have good neighbors. They’re the folks we chat with, invite over, borrow a cup of sugar from, and do favors for.

On the other hand, some neighbors can be a nuisance–a source of nightmares and profound anxiety. They’re noisy, nasty, messy, and seem to have no consideration for the rest of the community.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb discusses “bad neighbors” and how to deal with them with guests Dan Simon, Bob Borzotta and Rue Landau.

Dan Simon, certified mediator

Dan Simon is a mediator with Minnesota-based Twin Cities Mediation. He’s a teacher and practitioner of the transformative approach. He’s associated with the Institute for the Study of

Conflict Transformation.




Bob Borzotta

Bob Borzotta

Bob Borzotta is the author of Neighbors from Hell. He also maintains a message board called Neighbor Solutions.

Rue Landau, Esq., is Executive Director of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations

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