“I’m too sexy for my catheter…”

I’ve been invited to deliver  a keynote speech for the international conference on aging and sexuality on September 19, 2014 at Widener University outside of Philadelphia. The title of my lecture is: “I’m Not Too Sexy for my Catheter: Sex is Different Now, and It’s Great!”

Anyway, because of that I have been reminiscing about my post accident sexual “education”.

I recall, for example the detached clinical information I received from my physician saying: “you won’t be able to do this, but if you do that, then you may be able to do a variation…” Basically just a list of things I couldn’t do..But always wanting to leave on a positive note, he said: “but look at it this way, this is an opportunity for you to be creative”.

Of course you understand how I wanted to injure his genitalia and invite him to be creative,  but I was a good boy. Well, that day anyway.

A few days later I was with my physical therapist  who I was quite fond of (yes,  that way too) and I told her all about my difficult visit. She was great with this and very understanding and compassionate. She told me that although there was much I could not do, I was still a sexual being-at least as much if not more so  than before.

The following week we revisited  the issue of my  sexuality  and with tears in her eyes she explained that I would not be able  to ejaculate  and that sperm would have to be surgically removed from my testicles if I wanted to have more children. She was so warm and loving it almost broke my heart to have to tell her that I had a  vasectomy the year before!

But when I did we both laughed. It’s so good to laugh.

3 Comments on “I’m too sexy for my catheter…”

  1. Most appreciative of your continued inputs Dan even on such delicate points. Grateful

  2. You brought a smile to my evening. Too often we focus on what we don’t have, can’t have..that we miss all that can be.

  3. Dan, all i wanted to say is that you are wonderful. Thank you for doing what you do.

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