Are You Lovable? Preview to TEDx Talk

Do you know if you are lovable? We all want to be loved. We crave love, without it we would die.  But the question, are you lovable, has a whole different meaning.

Join in and listen to Contributor, Dr. Dan Gottlieb as he brings us through the journey of understanding if we truly feel worthy of love. The first question we must answer honestly is what type of relationship do we have with ourselves?

Dr. Dan went from being unconfident to being lovable.  he learned how to love and love better and that has allowed him to love more.  Dr. Dan feels that when our hearts are open, we can then trust and trusting allows us to love.

Listen to this wonderful preview to Dr. Dan’s TEDx Talk which will take place on November 14th at Penn State University, Berks. More information for the TEDx Talk.



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