“This is your brain on politics” – Dan’s radio special, July 11

"News Corpse Can of Worms Reopened," photo illustration by Surlan Soosay via Flickr.com (Creative Commons License)

On Monday, July 11, Dr. Dan Gottlieb’s “Voices in the Family” radio special, “This is your brain on politics,” focused on why we do what we do when it comes to politics and emotions. Dr. Dan gathered together academics Kathleen Hall Jamieson and David Redlawsk and clinician Lisa J. Cohen for a non-partisan discussion of the psychological and emotional issues behind politics– what happens in our brains as we are bombarded with conflicting and often angry perspectives? What goes in to our decision-making process about the candidates? And how do we keep our relationships with family and friends who hold different viewpoints? Taped before a live studio audio audience who also joined in the discussion.

Listen to the program here.


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