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The Language of Pain

In response to a previous post on the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation webpage, a woman felt grateful for what she received from my words. She implied that she is [Read more...]

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Pain, the Attention-Getter

Pain demands attention. And the more severe the pain, the more attention it demands. Over the last couple of months, I have developed severe muscular and neurological paint [Read more...]


Kindness Changes Everything

Last night we went out to dinner with another couple.  Upon arriving at the restaurant, I looked down at my light colored pants and saw that my catheter leaked.  Again.  [Read more...]


Thoughts on the Cusp of 70

So here I am on the cusp of my 7th decade on this planet. 70 years on this earth, with this body. This body that has experienced assault from schoolmates, sports injuries and [Read more...]



New Year’s Eve 1997, my parents were invited to a New Year’s Eve party of their friends at a local hotel in Atlantic City where they all lived. I can only picture these [Read more...]


Vulnerability and Intimacy

I have mentioned elsewhere on these pages that I have been doing a radio show called Voices in the Family on WHYY-FM. I’ve been doing the show for 30 years. And a few [Read more...]


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