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Independence?? Our recent July 4 celebration had me wondering about what independence really means. About 10 years ago I wrote a best-selling book to my grandson called [Read more...]

One-day Homage to Hatred

There is an old cartoon where two vultures are sitting on a phone wire when one turns to the other and says: “To hell with patience, I’m going to kill something!” [Read more...]

My Doctor, My Student

I just had lunch with a young friend of mine who was just completing her PhD in psychology. She told me that in many schools, they are only teaching Cognitive Behavioral [Read more...]

New Year’s Thoughts

What are New Year’s resolutions really all about? Well, it turns out the practice of making New Year’s resolutions started among the ancient Babylonians, who [Read more...]

Celebrating 37 Years

On December 20, 1979 I kissed my wife and two little daughters goodbye and walked across my newly frozen lawn to climb into my burgundy colored Dodge dart. Little did I know [Read more...]

The Language of Pain

In response to a previous post on the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation webpage, a woman felt grateful for what she received from my words. She implied that she is [Read more...]

Pain, the Attention-Getter

Pain demands attention. And the more severe the pain, the more attention it demands. Over the last couple of months, I have developed severe muscular and neurological paint [Read more...]
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