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Things That Can Trigger Depression

People experience depression differently. For many, depression can sometimes be triggered by an event, a time of year or a reminder of a past trauma.   Feeling depressed is only one symptom of depression. Some symptoms may include insomnia, insecurity, irritability or feeling withdrawn. Contributor & Psychologist, Dr. Dan Gottlieb explains that depression is […]

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Managing Holiday Stress

We are just two weeks shy of our annual dosage of holiday stress.  Just the thought of it may make our pulses race, give us feelings of anxiety and make us short tempered. For so many the holidays are a season filled with expectations.   Expectations not only of ourselves but of our family and […]

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Difference Between Depression & Anxiety Disorders

Depression & anxiety are usually two terms that are often heard together in the same sentence.  If we are depressed, do we have anxiety? If we experience anxiety, does that mean we are depressed? Watch & listen as Contributor, Dr. Dan Gottlieb sets the record straight.  Dr. Gottlieb says that although it’s common to […]

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