What is Real Love?

A Reflection on This Day of Love On this Valentine’s Day we are all celebrating love.  Today’s topic of conversation with Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb is real love.  What is real love?  We experience all different kinds of real love. Love for a child, love for a parent, love for a friend but romantic […]

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Gifts of Hopelessness

When we talk about hopelessness it generally has something to do with a negative situation or a situation that has no hope.  In reality, sometimes hopelessness is a gift. Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb explains how at times when we deal with the reality of hopelessness it actually allows us to move on from a […]

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How to Embrace Change

Change is hard.  We hear and say this over and over.  The reality is, change IS hard!  So what can we do to make it easier?  First we would have to understand if resisting change is normal?  Is this a bad thing? Once again, Contributor who is also a psychologist and author of 5 […]

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Things That Can Trigger Depression

People experience depression differently. For many, depression can sometimes be triggered by an event, a time of year or a reminder of a past trauma.   Feeling depressed is only one symptom of depression. Some symptoms may include insomnia, insecurity, irritability or feeling withdrawn. Contributor & Psychologist, Dr. Dan Gottlieb explains that depression is […]

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