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Are You Mourning this Election?

FamilyAffaires.com Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb, explains what he believes this election was all about, pain and suffering.  He also discusses how many people are mourning the outcome of the election.  As Americans most of us are not used to mourning an election. We may have mourned deaths, relationships and shattered dreams.  Read Dr. Dan’s blog […]

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Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care, The Black Hole in Our Society

FamilyAffaires.com Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb turns the tables today on FamilyAffaires.com Family Expert & Community Advocate, Roseann Vanella. Dr. Dan conducts the interview where Roseann shares her and her family’s personal story of love and frustration in trying to find a long term care facility for her Dad. [Read more...]
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