Suicide Intervention

Each year, close to 40,000 Americans die by suicide – and researchers are always looking for new ways to prevent these deaths. But – a new study finds that one simple [Read more...]


On Living and Dying

What is HOSPICE care really and is there an art to dying? Can death be the final act of living fully? Nina McKissock is an RN and writes about her fourteen years as a HOSPICE [Read more...]


Whose Holiday Is It Anyway?

Christmas decorations and holiday music bombard us right after Halloween. For Christians, it seems the holiday had become overly commercialized. In our increasingly diverse nation, there are many who observe different holy days. So, how do non-Christians and Christians honor their religious traditions while still being part of the secular world? How do interfaith couples […] [Read more...]


The psychological dynamics of family businesses

Family firms make up over 80 percent of businesses in the United States – there are about 5.5 million of them. Family businesses account for 60% of the GDP, they employ 63% of the work for and nearly 80% of all new jobs, but their life expectancy is only 24 years. So why don’t they seem to have more longevity? [Read more...]


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