Voices of Conflict; Voices of Healing: A Collection of Articles By a Much-Loved Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

Compassionate, Wise, Insightful. These are words frequently used to describe Dan Gottlieb’s bimonthly column in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This psychologist and host of critically acclaimed “Voices in the Family”, heard locally on public radio, has been offering his perspective and gentle guidance to readers for nearly a decade.

His columns are scientifically grounded, sometimes deeply personal and always touching. In addition to responding to readers “Dear Dr. Dan” letters, Gottlieb sometimes talks about his life as a quadriplegic, father, grandfather and son of his own 88-year-old father. In that process, he uses of his own tragedies and triumphs to help us all understand more about what it means to be human.

These are some of his most vibrant and touching columns covering areas of life important to all of us. The book opens with an exploration of some of today’s issues such as stepfamilies, happiness, and the anxiety of living in today’s world. He also covers relationships, children, and coping with difficult emotions. His book continues with some poignant columns about loss and concludes with several columns that help us understand and celebrate the human spirit.

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