Autism Awareness, Caregivers of the Special Needs Community

April 1 marked the beginning of Autism Awareness Month and we would like to focus on the millions of caregivers and the families of the special needs community. Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb discusses with Community Advocate Roseann Vanella the importance of recognizing these caregivers and focusing on what they go through both spiritually and emotionally.

Caregivers are so focused on caring for their loved one that they’re needs, hopes and dreams are pushed off in the the distance.  Caregivers need to understand and recognize that they too need care and need to acknowledge their feelings, no matter what they might be.

Dr. Dan also discusses the feelings that siblings of special needs may have and how parents can help them too without having feelings of guilt.

During this month of Autism Awareness, we at would like to ask our community to bring awareness to Autism and also bring awareness to the many caregivers that support not only this community but the entire community of special needs.

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