End of Life, Does a Bucket List Matter?

When it comes to end of life we hear so many people talking about a “bucket list.” Sometimes this list is started early on in life and checked off or added to as years go on, sometimes the list is created when someone learns of a grave illness in which they have limited time to live. Community Advocate Roseann Vanella starting thinking about this theory after watching an interview with the husband of Brittany Maynard.  Her bucket list included travel and days spent with nature.

Who better to ask about this than Contributor & Psychologist Dr. Dan Gottlieb?  Dr. Dan has shared his many near death experiences with us and his commitment to understanding what is truly important in life.  Should we really have a bucket list?  At end of life,will it matter to us how many countries we have traveled or how many things we have accomplished?

Listen and hear what Dr. Dan thinks, we promise it will give you pause and make you reflect on what would really matter at your end of life and then let you live each day purposefully.


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