Celebrating a Life-Changing Anniversary with a Message of Love

36 years ago today, this hour, a tractor-trailer wheel bounced across the highway and broke my neck. The last thing I remember was seeing a black thing in the sky. And then my world as I once knew it was changed forever.

Since then there have been many black things that changed my life. My sister’s headaches that became terminal brain cancer and so on.

But there were many other things that changed my life forever. When I saw Joan Kaczmarski walking down the hallway of my house one morning, my life was changed forever. The feel of her embrace, the love and kindness when I am ill have also changed my life forever.

The first time I looked into both of my daughter’s eyes for the first time my life was changed-especially when I heard the word “daddy” the first time.

When Marty Moss Coane invited me to host “Voices in the Family,” my life was changed forever. Everyone who loves me has changed my life. Everyone who has given me the honor of loving them has changed my life.

Lessons learned? Life changes. Our predictive skills suck. And that cultivating our skills at loving is the only thing that heals the deepest wounds of all.

Thank you for celebrating this day with me. Now, go love somebody today that you didn’t love yesterday!


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  1. Thank you Dr Dan for sharing your life experiences so openly, with all of us. It is an act of kindness and generosity that I have personally benefited from,as have many others. It truly is a day to celebrate your “being” here. I loved the last line,” Now, go love somebody today that you didn’t love yesterday!” That person may even turn out to be oneself!
    I will miss listening to you on Monday afternoons but look forward to your specials.
    May you know Peace and Happiness, Dear Dr Dan!
    Deb King

  2. Good luck on your retirement! I remember when you were admitted to Magee. I was there with my husband who was being treated for Guillain-Barre syndrome (Bob Benson). We both made lemonade from dreadful life happening…the GBS/CIDP foundation has 40,000 member with 190 chapters in 46 countries!! Who knew!! So proud of what you have done and the legacy you leave helping others.

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