Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care, The Black Hole in Our Society

Caring for loved ones with dementia or alzheimer’s is one of the hardest jobs. Besides the physical and emotional care there is the care of meeting their daily needs.  It’s well known that dementia and alzheimer’s is a progressive disease where if the individual lives long enough, they will constantly need advanced care.

Because dementia and alzheimer’s begin mostly with the impairment of mental abilities there seems to be a black hole in our society when it comes to finding long term care solutions for these individuals. It becomes a very long and tough journey for the individuals themselves and also for their family and loved ones who are trying to get them the best care possible. Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb turns the tables today on Family Expert & Community Advocate, Roseann Vanella. Dr. Dan conducts the interview where Roseann shares her and her family’s personal story of love and frustration in trying to find a long term care facility for her Dad.

Roseann and Dr. Dan hope that by sharing this story it will help to educate people on this important topic for our growing aging population and continue to bring awareness.  They also hope that other families going through this similar struggle finds comfort in knowing they are not alone.

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