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The Wisdom We’re Born With: Restoring Our Faith in Ourselves (March 2014)

What if the things you imagine will make you happy won’t—if what you really need is not what you think you need? Daniel Gottlieb (Letters to Sam) has produced an inspirational primer that takes us on an enlightening journey toward a sense of well-being. Gottlieb, who suffered a traumatic injury that left him a quadriplegic over 30 years ago, is uniquely qualified to offer wise counsel on the relationship between what we want and what we have. He offers his thoughts on breaking patterns and habits, calming the unquiet mind, reconnecting with our emotions and our bodies, living in the moment, discovering that ineffable “something” that defines who we are—and above all, the importance of love.




The Wisdom of Sam

In this heartfelt and generous book, author Daniel Gottlieb shares life lessons taught to him by his eight-year-old grandson, Sam. Readers were first introduced to Sam in Letters to Sam—which has been translated into 15 languages, with more than 50,000 copies sold in the U.S. Now, The Wisdom of Sam continues the extraordinary story of the interaction between a grandfather who is quadriplegic and a grandson who is autistic as they share their discoveries about empathy, compassion, courage, happiness, and the power of laughter. Sam’s uncommon perspective on the world—and the remarkable way he expresses himself—are the seeds of inspiration for his grandfather. And the emotional connection between Daniel Gottlieb and his grandson provide a springboard for wonderful moments of reflection, understanding, and humor. Sam’s candid observations not only teach us what we’ve forgotten but they also show us how to look at the world through a different lens. Just as Sam’s grandfather has found his world view forever changed by the wisdom of his grandson, readers of The Wisdom of Sam will discover unforgettable messages of acceptance, hope, love, and gratitude.

Learning from the Heart

In the nearly 30 years since the accident that made radio personality and columnist Dan Gottlieb a quadriplegic, he developed a finely-tuned quality of awareness that most people never achieve: he became an outsider among us—”like a foreign correspondent,” as he puts it. From that vantage point, he has acutely observed the way people act, think, feel, and live—in short, he studied and learned exactly what it means to be human. Here, Dan shares his insights, written with humor, honesty, a gift for storytelling, and breathtaking compassion.
Learning from the Heart looks at what divides as well as unites us, including the problems of family life; difficulties confronting today’s parents; challenges faced by the disabled and the aging; and issues of injustice that affect the way we understand the world and our lives.
Although Dan is now speaking directly to the reader, rather than to his own family, you’ll recognize the distinctive voice and format that caused an outpouring of e-mail from fans of Letters to Sam: short anecdotal chapters rich in wisdom, generously revealing and deeply personal, and resonating with universal truths.

Letters to Sam: A Grandfather’s Lessons on Love, Loss, and the Gifts of Life

When his grandson was born, Daniel Gottlieb began to write a series of heartfelt letters that he hoped Sam would read later in life. He planned to cover all the important topics—dealing with your parents, handling bullies, falling in love, coping with death—and what motivated him was the fear that he might not live long enough to see Sam reach adulthood. You see, Daniel Gottlieb is a quadriplegic—the result of a near-fatal automobile accident that occurred two decades ago—and he knows enough not to take anything for granted.

Then, when Sam was only 14 months old, he was diagnosed with Pervasive Develop-mental Disability, a form of autism, and suddenly everything changed. Now the grandfather and grandson were bound by something more: a disability—and Daniel Gottlieb’s special understanding of what that means became invaluable.

This lovingly written, emotionally gripping book offers unique—and universal—insights into what it means to be human.

How I Roll: Life, Love, and Work After a Spinal Cord Injury
(Foreword by Dr. Dan Gottlieb)
An unflinching look at what it’s like to be a quadriplegic. This is the inspiring story of a Virginia country boy—J. Bryant Neville, Jr.—who became a quadriplegic thirty years ago after a car wreck, and how he refused to accept the medical sentence of a life unrealized. Hard work, devoted family, a caring community, and a determination to live as fiercely as his body would allow helped Bryant Neville earn two college degrees, become a respected banking executive, a loving husband and provider, an adoptive parent, and a biological father.

Some 250,000 Americans live with spinal cord injury and impairment. On average, thirty more sustain a spinal cord injury every day. Bryant Neville’s story is a beacon of hope for anyone facing a physical setback who needs proof that life can go on and dreams can be realized, and a guide for those who love and care for them.

Voices of Conflict; Voices of Healing: A Collection of Articles By a Much-Loved Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

“Compassionate, Wise, Insightful. These are words frequently used to describe
Dan Gottlieb’s bimonthly column in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This psychologist and host of critically acclaimed “”Voices in the Family””, heard locally on public radio, has been offering his perspective and gentle guidance to readers for nearly a decade.

His columns are scientifically grounded, sometimes deeply personal and always
touching. In addition to responding to readers “”Dear Dr. Dan”” letters, Gottlieb sometimes talks about his life as a quadriplegic, father, grandfather and son of his own 88-year-old father. In that process, he uses of his own tragedies and triumphs to help us all understand more about what it
means to be human.

These are some of his most vibrant and touching columns covering areas of life important to all of us. The book opens with an exploration of some of today’s issues such as stepfamilies, happiness, and the anxiety of living in today’s world. He also covers relationships, children, and coping with difficult emotions. His book continues with some poignant columns about loss and concludes with several columns that help us understand and celebrate the human spirit.”

Voices in the Family: A Therapist Talks About Listening, Openness & Healing
(Out of print, but paperback copies may be available from resellers)

From the acclaimed therapist, radio host, and author of LETTERS TO SAM: A wise guide to listening and healing.

Daniel Gottlieb is a practicing family therapist with a radical approach: he talks readily about his experiences, feelings, and reflections…even his life as a quadriplegic. This extraordinary attitude has generated the kind of trust, openness, and inspiration that has made his call-in radio show an outstanding success. Voices in the Family captures Dr. Gottlieb’s profound sense of caring, warmth, and wisdom. By sharing fascinating stories from his private practice, he provides a shining demonstration of how to make peace with ourselves, our families, and our partners. He compassionately discusses ways of dealing with our parents (whether we’re 15 or 50), handling the complex problems of love and marriage, and helping our children gain self-confidence and independence. Based on 20 years of experience, Dr. Gottlieb’s advice is both fresh and effective. By allowing us a glimpse of his own heart, he helps us heal our own.

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